Confuse while working with parts Cubase 6 see Photo examples

Hi guys,
many thanks for the graphic update of Cubase 6.0.3 but I still get confuse while working with parts (I prefer the old way in cubase 5)
when two parts (midi or audio) are overlapping and one has events on it, you can´t tell in which part are the events. I don´t like to work with lanes as they takes a lot of vertical space on the screen.
There is also a problem with the name of the part which goes over the midi event and Is confusing as well.
Could you do something about it?
Se the pictures attacehd
I think many of us would be happy

PLease JHP could you tell me what do you think about my post?
I have expend some time doing it
Thank you very much

I agree that overlaps can be a bit unclear. Not sure how it was in earlier versions but it didn’t use to bother me much.

Thanks for your replay.
You don´t have cuabse 5 installed?
In cubase 5 this works completelly different.
I really think you should put attention to this.
If you work with hundreds of parts and vst channels and you have to work fast, this really bothers you.
I work with big orchestra setups and this is a problem that I didn´t have in cubase 5.
Considering the progress proposed within cubase 6 I think you should consider details like this given support to all kind if users and please understand that not many people works with the level of detail as I do and not all the people is interested in recording guitars.

as regards the Event Name possibly covering details at the start of a Part/Event, there is an option, in Preferences>Event Display>“Show Event Names”, to which you can apply a key command (i.e. to toggle it on and off as necessary).
I kinda agree with you about the overlapping parts, if you really can’t spare the screen space to temporarily activate lanes for that track. Although you can see what belongs where, by selecting each of the overlapping parts in turn.

Hi Vic and Thanks fro your replay,
I will try what you are saying about the name (applying key swish to activate and deactivate) I think it could be practice at the end.
But thinking about the overlapping problem, this a behavior that needs to be change back to the way that it worked within cubase 5 or 4. The idea is to have immediately access to basic information like this.

I also think that new features in Cubase like Lanes should “propose” a change to the way of work but not to “force” users to change the way of working. I will be very careful next time in the case I update to Cuabase 7.

I still miss some very nice features that they take out from Cubase 4 ;-/