Confused: 9 playing quieter than 8.5 in monitors

I’m stumped on this one. I loaded my first 8.5 song it to C9. After a little setup everything seems to be working. However, the playback levels are significant softer in C9 than they are for the same song in C8.5

Things I checked:

  1. The meter levels.
  2. Control Room preferences
  3. Control Room setup
  4. Was PFL enabled
  5. I played something back on my external CD player I have setup in the Control Room

Everything was identical. Weird thing is that the CD audible volume levels seem the same between C8.5 and C9 . It’s only my songs volume level that as dropped.

Does anyone know what might be causing this?


Sorry everyone. Please ignore this post. As soon as I posted I found the issue. Different levels in the control room setup between C9 and C8.5. Sorry.