Confused about 10.5 update

Hello, this may be a silly question but have to ask.

I just purchased Cubase pro 10 and can’t wait to start working on it. However as I’ve been reading on the forum, the 10.5 update is about to come soon and i’m not sure if versions 10 and 10.5 are two different software packages.
Honestly I’m a bit confused, if I register and activate now, maybe I won’t be within the 4 weeks before the 10.5 update release?

Should I wait for a few days and maybe meanwhile download and try the Pro 10 trial version using the elicencer and so be able to get the 10.5 update?

Can someone clear this to me?
Thanks beforehand.

No one outside of Stienberg knows for sure when 10.5 will be released. If history is any indicator (and things can change), 10.5 will be a paid update and come out before year end. I believe .5 updates have cost about $50 USD. In the past, there have been free upgrades if activation of Cubase occurred within a few weeks of the release of the new version.

Now ARA support was very delayed in V10, and still not complete. Nuendo and Cubase releases may be getting synced up and Nuendo 10 is fairly new. Is it possible the Cubase release schedule could change as a result of these things? Sure is.

What should you do? Make a decision. Activate now or gamble and wait. There will be no public confirmation from Steinberg about a release date that will help you make that decision.

thank you Funkybot, I appreciate your answer.

I thought that 10.5 would be part of a regular update, but i get it now it’s a different version… I guess i will wait for the 10.5 :mrgreen:

However i was wondering if in the mean time it’s possible to try the full Pro 10 trial using the elicencer, or if while registering the elicencer would void the chance to get the 10.5

You can use the trial. Registration is irrelevant. It is based on ACTIVATION.

Awesome, now I am a happy man :laughing:


Just an FYI - my understanding is that .5 updates have traditionally cost $49 and full version updates cost $99. So while other DAWs might charge $149 to upgrade to a full version every 2 years, Steinberg’s approach thus far is to break up the cost.

Wait until Nov to activate the license.for.10.

Sorry for the late response, I have been backing up, formatting, updating drivers, configuring settings, which it’s a major headache but wanted to start nice and tidy.

That actually seem very reasonable to me. Thanks for the info.

Indeed, finally i decided to wait and activate it later.Thank you for the advice