Confused about adding speakers

I’m kind of new at setting this up so please bear with me. I have one set of studio monitors and I want to add one set of cheap powered speakers to my setup so that I can hear the mixdown on them but I’m confused on how to set this up. I have an Edirol D/A converter that has TWO L/R outputs. What I did was to connect the extra powered speakers to OUT 2, then I went to the “Control Room” tab and added Monitor 1 and Monitor 2. On Monitor 1 I select my Edirol Left and Right but when I go to Monitor 2 it will not allow to select Monitor 2 Left and Right. I’m sure I’m going about this all wrong. I’m guessing that the Audio Out 2 on my Edirol is for surround sound. If that’s the case How to get my second set of speaker working in the Control Room so that I can active A or B to hear the mixdown.

Hi you,

it depends. How does the edirol show up under “Devices”? Do you have 4 separate output-ports available here?

What edirol DA (type) is it?

Cheers, Ernst

On the Edirol converter I have Out1 L/R and Out 2 L/R…I guess that’s ether 2 stereo outs of 4 outs.

It shows up under Audio Device “Edior/ SD-90” and “Device Port” Out L (2) and Out R (2) only. Not sure what the “(2)” means…maybe it means 2 lefts and 2 rightsl…Not sure if that’s what you mean.

Did you definitely check this in “Devices” rather than in VST connections…I wonder if you may be confusing them.

In VST connections in the Device Port column, if you click on Out L or Out R are there any other options available to select in the drop down menu??


I have read the manual of your SD-90 now and I am sorry to say that you cannot do with it what you want to do.

The second pair of output connectors cannot be addressed from cubase . This pair of outputs can only output the back speakers of the built-in (SD-90 built in) surround reverb OR the sound from the INTERNAL SOUND MODULE of the SD-90.

What you can do is to have one pair of speakers to output the signal from c ubase (stereo) and the other pair to output the internal sound of the SD-90 (or the added surround reverb, also from the SD-90).

The internal mixer definitely says that there is only one pair of ins and one pair of outs available via USB to and from the Computer.

So, sorry, what you want to do (use 2 different pairs of speakers in the control room as monior 1 and 2) is simply not possible because of the archritecture of your SD-90.

Cheers, Ernst


I guess what I’ll have to do is go for an updated D/A converter with extra outs to solve my problem.

Thanks very much for taking the time to help me.

You could always use a monitor controller (M-Patch-2 or similar) to switch between monitors or if you’re on a low budget get a cheap audio switch box/source selector & use it backwards.
Even with multiple outs available I prefer to use a hardware switch.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will look into monitor controllers. seems like a great idea.