Confused about download assistant

I’m a bit confused about the Steinberg download assistant. It shows me a lot of products, some of which I know I couldn’t possibly own, since Nuendo seems to be a much more expensive version of Cubase, then there’s Dorico, Wavelab and so on. All show as me being able to download them, so why are they there if I haven’t bought any of them?

And I’m not planning on downloading them, but then there are certain products that I’m not completely sure if they are things that are included with my purchase of Cubase Pro 12 or not, for example these VST instruments and plugins section, which has a very interesting list of instruments:

So are these part of Cubase Pro 12 or not?

Please. There is a Cubase 12 section. You get everything in there.

I know there is a Cubase 12 section, I downloaded everything in it. I just don’t understand why the downloader has all these products with the ability to download them (or at least it shows the install button just like all the ones in the Cubase 12 section), if I don’t own any of them.

As far as I can remember, all the downloader apps from all the other companies only show what I own, not every single product they sell. It’s confusing, that’s all.

So what happens if I download any of those things? It install a trial of them? Or they just install and then asks you for a key so you have to cancel?

Apparently, you are allowed to freely download and install everything that is in the Cubase 12 section. But, in case you haven’t seen it, there has been a rather heated debate about the SDA layout very recently, and I’ve been a party in it.

So, I won’t comment more, as I already said all I had to, on the subject… :neutral_face:

My Product Downloads could be a hint? Maybe?

Totally understandable. But it is normal that you can download everything as the SDA is not aware about the licenses that are available on the computer.
Furthermore licenses are ‘portable’ as they are on a dongle (old system) or Activated using the Activation manager.

You guys know that people are allowed to have different opinions on things, right? Not everything is black or white? And that someone who is not familiar with the Steinberg downloader maybe has the right to be confused because it’s a downloader that works differently than most and shows everything as opposed to just what you own? Especially when:

So reading that thread I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who finds it confusing.

These are some examples of other downloaders that are not confusing. Some have only the products I own, others have that and a clear section or tab that says “Explore Products”, or “Trials”.

To me the problem is not just that it’s confusing, it’s that it’s silly of Steinberg to think that people will download all these trials just because they are there. If I want to download a trial of a product I go to the Steinberg website, read about it, watch some videos, and then download it. But it should be like a trial license they put in your account if you want it. Or, they could just do two sections, My Products, and another called Trials.


That shows only the content that is activated for me. Not difficult. Isn’t it?

Yes, opinions are allowed, but to ignore facts is not ok.
I never said that it is perfect. Never.
I was just saying that it is usable and that it don’t show all if you select My Products.

Yeah with 10 products it’s not confusing. More products with updates complicates things quickly.

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Ignoring what facts exactly? All I know is I asked a simple question and you and the other guy had an asinine and arrogant response to it, as if I, having bought Cubase about a month ago if that long, and not having had any other Steinberg software before in my life, was supposed to know that those other things that look like they might be additional downloads were actually products that had to be purchased separately.

Why the stupid “Please” and “My Product Downloads could be a hint? Maybe?”. Why the additional, unnecessary attitude just because I asked a simple question, which required a simple answer, which was: “No, everything outside of the My Product Downloads is trials for other paid products, including the VST stuff.” Simple, easy, no looking down on someone attitude.