Confused about glueing and audio clips

I don’t understand what glueing does to abutting audio clips. In MIDI they just become a single clip, but for audio something stranger is happening. Visually I can still see the individual clip boundaries and the grid lines are no longer fully visible behind the audio clip boxes. I also cannot attach an “extension” to a pair of glued clips.

Can someone please explain what glueing audio clips actually does. It does not appear to truly merge them into a single clip.


They become ‘Parts’.

Parts are like an Event that contain multiple audio events.

A benefit to a ‘Part’ is that you can turn it into a shared copy, so that, whatever changes you make to the contents of that ‘Part’, will relay to all the other shared copies of that Part.

It seems like many functions I can perform on an audio clip are not available if they’re glued into parts. How to a separate a part back into it’s component clips?

There is a manual.

You can open a part up in the editor, to edit the audio events inside.

There is a command to disolve part.


I have not found the manual useful. It is written for people who already have experience with the product and know the Cubase jargon.