Confused about Make Chords (harmonizer?) feature

I’m trying to take a melody I have in a midi track and get some chords recommendations from Cubase 7 using its Make Chords feature. According to this video:
I should be able to right click on a midi part and select “Make Chords” and then Cubase should create a new chords track with a selection of “possibly” compatible chords to choose from. When I do this though, I only get a blank chords track. I’m doing something wrong?

Doesn’t work thatta way.

Ok. Thanks for the reply. Can you add some more to your response? Is Make Chords only supposed to work with audio instead of midi or something?

I watched that video the other night and the feature works great. But I’m trying to figure out what event type I can right click on in the sequencer such that Cubase will generate it’s own chords.

Really, this is a case where you should rtfm.

Actually, I had read this section before but I guess I misunderstood it. How I interpreted was, it would generate chords from a single line of notes. The intended use is actually just to show you what the name of the chords are in a section that has actual midi chords.

Thanks Steve for the kind advice!

Yeah, re-reading increases comprehension! :wink:

I still wish it would make chords for me, hahaha. Chord Assistant works well tho.