Confused about notehead sets

I am trying to make a notehead for slap tongue for winds. I am confused about the first note here - what does the red triangle signify, and how can I delete this notehead? I don’t think I need it do I? Is the triangle something to do with factory default?


Also, when I try to use this it does not work, or rather, it just seems to put an accent above the note. [Do I need to post more images?]

As with pages, a red triangle in the corner signifies an override from the defaults.

Confused - I don’t believe I have overridden anything, just tried to add a new notehead.

And how do you remove it? Baffled.

What happens if you select that notehead and hit the remove from set button?

Individual noteheads can appear in multiple notehead sets. Similar to page templates, if you then edit a notehead that is part of other sets, your edits affect how that notehead appears in all notehead sets.

If you add one of the default black noteheads (or, and apologies for my slow memory this morning, because new notehead sets start with a single default notehead?) then be aware that unless you make a copy of it that’s unique to this current set, anything you change about it will affect it throughout the project.

Best way to double-check is to double-click the notehead to bring up the Edit Notehead (singular) dialog, and look at the notehead name: if it’s a fairly short, readable name, then it’s probably in the default library. If it’s an apparently random sequence of letters and numbers, it’s a unique notehead.


Thanks for help all. With this encouragement and actually reading the manual properly instead of skimming I got it. Now I have a very nice slap tongue notehead. And works so nicely with accidentals.