confused about updates

I have Cubase LE 5.

Recently I recieved some updates for Battery 3 which is a bit confusing.
I get some folders on my desktop and some instructions what to do with the folders.
I never have done this before and I am afraid to do something wrong.
One of the instructions says:

"Battery 3 Update for Synthetic Drums 1
What’s In This Update?

  • This update includes new Battery 3 kit files (.kt3) for use with Synthetic Drums 1. The kits have been updated with better matrix arrangements, renamed cells, color coding for sound types, extra cells to fill in mapping gaps, and other slight enhancements. The kits will still sound and function the same as they did in previous versions, and no new samples have been added.

  • This update also includes drum maps that can be used in Cubase, which contain the ordered names of the cells for each new updated kit.

Installation Instructions for the Updated Kit Files:

  1. Copy the “B3 Synthetic Drums 1 Kits” folder from this update into your “Synthetic Drums 1” folder.

  2. These updated kits can now be opened in Battery 3, assuming that you kept the same folder structure as the original Synthetic Drums 1 CD. If not, you will have to tell Battery 3 where to find the samples and resave the kits.

Installation Instructions for the Cubase Drum Maps:

  1. Copy the “Synthetic Drums 1 Drum Maps” directory to a location where you typically load drum maps from (such as \Steinberg\Cubase SX #\DrumMaps).

  2. These drum maps can now be accessed in Cubase by loading them in the Drum Map Setup page.

Please Note: If you own Komplete Sound 2, use the “Battery 3 Update for Komplete Sound 2” update instead of this one."
So far the instructions.

However I can not find the “Synthetic Drum1”, “Synthetic Drum 2” and “Studio Drums” Folders, for wich I recieved updates.
I found under ‘Batery Library’ the file folder ‘05 Synthtec Kits’, it looks like I’m searching in the wrong place.

At the moment I don’t use the Battery 3 a lot, but will do later, so I don’t know much yet about ‘drummaps’.
Can I find my answers in the manual?

Battery is from Native instruments, this is the Steinberg Cubase Forum…

Oops, :blush: a beginning form of tunnel vision? Thanks for your reply. I will go to Native Instruments, copy and paste.