Confused by re-ordering parts

Am I using parts wrong?
I assumed that if I had a part defined as starting at bar 1, then a 2nd starting at bar 10 that if I then re-ordered the parts I could play thew song from Part 2 (bar 10) ands then it would play from bar 1, playing Part 1. However when I re-order the parts I lose the info in the oval showing the bar it began at.

I have 2 test projects I am building, one with a global instrument and one without. On the one with the global instrument layer I am unable to re-order the parts at all. I can create them, but I cannot delete them.

Have I unwittingly made a whole song out of Global parts?

It is a valid intuitive assumption that one can change time order by moving Parts, and that will be possible somewhen.
However VST Live Parts are “just” containers with optinal time trigger (and loops, with version 2).
You can however click a Part while transport is running, and it will jump to the Part trigger time precisely on a bar start (again, with Version 2 only).
To reorder your Song, you will for now have to assign new trigger times to the moved Parts.

Parts are both containers for sounds (Layers, Stacks etc) and time markers. This is different from other similar apps, as it is conceptually a linear DAW. However with version 2, you can add loops and trigger Parts manually as described above.

Furthermore, Parts don’t have to have a trigger time. Then you can select them at any time to change sounds, channel order and what not, that Parts can do. This allows you to also use Parts as “Presets” for the entire setup without changing timeline time at all. While it may be a bit unusual at first, it is quite powerful and intuitive nevertheless.

Finally, the Global Part is a static beast that has nothing to do with the timeline at all. It is often quite handy in conjunction with Virtual Ports for global assets.

Hope that helps.


Thank you, that is helpful.