Confused by track presets in 7.5

I used track presets on a number of projects in 6.5 and earlier and don’t recall ever having any issues. I now need to use them again and I can’t figure them out in 7.5. I’m in Windows if that matters.

First, I can’t consistently get the “Save/Load track preset” option to appear when I right-click on the track in the mixer. Sometimes the options show up, sometimes they don’t and I can’t figure out what the difference is.

Second, I can’t figure out how to define the location where the preset is saved. I get the Media Bay type dialog box when I do get the save option to appear - I don’t know where those files are or how to recall them. There’s no Windows file browser option to specify a location (I like to save them in the project folder).

Third, I can’t get the track presets to consistently apply to a track. When I am able to get the “Load track preset” option on a track and I manage to find what I want and select it, more often than not nothing happens to the track to which I’m trying to apply the preset.

So, overall, I’m just not having any luck with track presets in 7.5… any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,