Confused - can I open .cpr projects in 7 or not?

Hi - I’m about to buy Cubase 7 Artist, but before I do - I really need some clarification on whether or not I can open old SX files?!
I’m not bothered about the inevitable missing plugins, I just need to see my old audio and midi recordings in their right places on the timeline again.

I’ve seen the Steinberg SX song conversion link on these forums that you can use to open old files - does that work?:
I’ve also been told on these forums that you can just open up SX files in C7 Artist without having to use the link, but then there’s this confusing chart which (appears to) tell me that SX files aren’t compatible with C7 Artist:

Please help, before I take the plunge and live to regret it!
Oh - and PS - in SX I remember that you used to be able to record ‘Automation’ (volume faders, sends) - can I do that in Artist - is Artist basically the same as the Full version, but just scaled down a bit?

Opening .cpr files in Cubase versions later than SX shouldn’t be a problem except for the plugin incompatibilities you mention. Actually, SX is used by those of us who need to open even older .ARR and .ALL Cubase files and convert them to .cpr.

Thanks - and do you know - what can’t I do in C7 Artist that I can in in the Full Version?

I don’t, but there is a comparison on somewhere. And you’d be buying Cubase (Artist) 8, since Cubase 7 is an older version now. Unless ofcourse you found someone to buy it from…