Confused in Layout options.

Please have a look at this pic.

Do I need to change the layout type manually when I go select parts on the right side?
right now it does not change it automatically.
for example when I select Flute 1 the layout type dose not change to parts automatically but it seems that my settings are saved.
dose it matters?

You only need to change the layout type if you’re trying to Save as Default, or else you risk saving a part’s Layout Options as your score Default (or vice-versa).

oh oh…
so it seems I have to go ahead and choose my options and save as default for parts…
I wish it automatically changed by default.
when I select full score It changes to full score and when I select parts it chooses parts.

right now what I don’t understand is changing layout type won’t change any of my settings…
it is as if it is only a name which I can save my settings to…

Ok, I think I discovered something…
When I am select a part on the right side, Save as default in The Full Layout is disabled.

When I am select a Full on the right side, Save as default in The Part Layout is disabled.

But what I don’t understand is Shoulde’nt dorico automatically changed based on my selection?

Precisely. If you don’t need to Save as Default, Reset to Factory or Restore from Default then the dropdown in the bottom left corner isn’t relevant to you.
If you need to restore the saved defaults to your selected layouts, or replace either the score or part defaults with your selected layout’s settings, or to reset the factory settings for either part layouts or score layouts, you need to choose the correct layout type from the dropdown in order for those buttons to work.

ok, gotcha…So basically I can save my settings for Full score to Full score layout and save my settings for parts in parts score layout…
If one day I need to revert to default I can choose the correct layout for the correct part/Full and revert it to Dorico’s Default.


and If I am not mistaken I have to hit “APPLY” first and then Save as default.
I remember If I don’t Hit Apply It dose does not save as default.