Confused / Linked split mono tracks

I’ve been running Nuendo daily for 15 yrs – and I have not encountered this issue before - I had another editor working in my project and for some reason split mono stereo files are linked in a way I cannot undo them – typically I Group / Ungroup split mono pairs so that I can maintain individual control of the left and right channels - NOW - for some reason if I drop a split mono pair on a pair of tracks they are automatically linked together – Group / Ungroup has no effect on these pairs.

What is this function? and where do I turn it off?

I can’t find the setting

This seems like an easy one – please help

thank you - lance

Further exploration reveals – it’s any clips Mono Stereo - does not matter - the moment you make them the same length stacked horizontally, and you click one - they lock together and you can’t get them apart again – it can be many tracks stacked – how do I disable this feature?