Confused - "Set Remote-Control Focus" In Rack

I sort of have my Quick controls working with QC and the Rack instruments. However, the yellow button that is labeled “Set Remote-Control Focus for VST Quick Controls” Only seems to work if you select the track in the project. It doesn’t work if you click on it in the rack, even though it lights up. If you enable a different track in the project window, then control jumps to that track and stuff works again. Is this expected behavior? I kind of expected that button to take control for that plugin. See capture below;

This is probably not important but I will mention it anyway. I have set VST QC to work on CC 31 to 38, and Track QC to work on CC 21 to 28.

Anyway, the Remote Focus Control is working as I would expect here: my midi controller is controlling the instrument that is selected at any time. By changing the the focus from one instrument to another, either by clicking the focus control button in the rack (like in your video) or by highlighting a different midi track is changing the focus.

I think maybe you are using Track QC only? It seems to me like Track QC does not change focus like the VST QC does.

Err… I’m swapping instrument vst in the video

Yes, but if your MIDI controller is actually using track control iso VST control the focus will stay on the highlighted MIDI track and not follow the change of focus in the rack. At least this is how I think it’s working. Are you sure you are using VST control? Setting up VST QC to work on different cc’s than Track QC in Device Setup is probably the best way of separating the two.

I’m not using a MIDI controller, I’m using CMC-QC

Ok. I don’t have any experience with the CMC.

And, it works if I scroll through the track list. It’s only a problem if I directly turn it on/off in the Rack.

Yah having same issue with my CMC QC. it would be dope if this function actually work, How do we get a Steinberg employee or expert to comment on this?