Confused with latest Pro Upgrade offer

I received an offer of a substantial saving by upgrading to Pro 11 which I would like to take. But there was a condition: “This offer only includes upgrades to Cubase Pro 11. Updates, full versions and the competitive crossgrade are not part of the promotion”. What does this mean?

Crucially, my current Artist 10.5 comes from updates and upgrades and I want to uninstall all the legacy programs and do a full install of the full Pro version. Does this clause prevent me from doing that?

Don Shaw

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With Artist 10.5 you can currently upgrade to Pro 11 at a 40% reduction. That’s basically the offer at the moment.

The sub-text which you quote, means that updates (i.e. If you currently owned Pro v10.5 and wanted to update to Pro v11) it is not part of the 40% offer. So yes, you’re good.

Furthermore, once you do upgrade you can install a brand new fresh version of Cubase 11 Pro without the need to first install Artist, or any other updates - it’s a totally standalone license that you get. So yes to your second question too.

Excellent, and thank you for your very clear answer! I had a feeling the eLicencer might take care of it all, so glad it does, Pro 11 here I come.