Confusing condensing text

Hello everyone,
I have this issue, where it says “1.3 a2” where it just simply should say “a3” in the trumpets. Is there a way to fix this?


Presumably in fact the second trumpet isn’t playing here?

Reasonable assumption, but unfortunately not the solution here:

1st bar: 1 and 3 are in the upstem voice, 2 is in the downstem voice.
2nd bar. All of them play the same notes, but since this is not a new “phrase” to Dorico, Dorico does not combine them to 1 single stem. instead it is telling you that 1 and 3 still are in the upstem voice, and 2 is in the downstem voice.

Just add a condensing change at the end of the 1st bar, so Dorico starts a new phrase.

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This is exactly the feature I was looking for! Thank you!

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