Confusing documentation on assigning title page(s) (help?)

The link below begins with “For example, if you want to show a title page on the first page in each part layout.”. However, reading and re-reading the contents of that help page, there does not appear to be any reference to the word “title page” in the instructions following the “for example” . Am I missing something? How, actually do you insert a title page on the first page of every part layout? This instruction appears to apply only to the current part layout, not every part layout, and it does not explain if adding a title page will move everything else to following pages. In fact, it does not even seem to relate at all to “assigning a title page to the first page in every part layout”.

You might find great benefit in watching this tutorial video from Steinberg/Dorico.

Sometimes being specific with your search can be helpful:


I am watching the Dicover Dorico video. Oddly (for a tutorial) , the first font the instructor uses does not appear to exist in the font list exist for Dorico Pro (latest) which can also be confusing to a beginner. Is there perhaps a part of the Dorico updater that is devoted to fonts that I should be downloading?

You can choose your own font. Criticizing Discover Dorico for using an outside font really assumes too little of users.

Making a title page is simply a matter of making one’s own Page Layout and selecting it for the first page of a document (or as the last pages so one can later move them in PDF and not altering and pages of music already entered).

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That’s the case, I’m afraid – you would need to repeat this process for each part. Although you only need to create the Title page template once, you must assign it to page 1 in each part separately.

If the page template that you have assigned to a page does not contain a music frame, then yes music will get pushed back a page.

(A quick note about examples given in the manual: we try to include use-case examples that give a bit more context about when you might want or need to follow the steps. However, the instructions still need to apply to every possible situation any user might have. So yes, the following steps will be more generic and comprehensive. It’s only in the First Steps guide that the documentation is very specific and tutorial-y.)

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