Confusing issue with Master Pages

I hope this makes sense, but here is my issue.

I am creating an exercise packet/book (hoping to get 3-4 exercises per page; about 150 exercises total). I created a Master page set for how I would like the First page to look and named it ‘Exercise Packet First’. This page has the {@projectTitle@} in a bold, large font that I only want that large and bold on the first page. Then I created a new master page set based on the ‘Exercise Packet First’ and I named it ‘Exercise Packet Default’, and changed the size of the {@projectTitle@} to a smaller, not bold font.

In my mind at this point I should have 2 independent master pages sets: ‘Exercise Packet First’ and ‘Exercise Packet Default’. When I go to change the font size of the ‘Exercise Packet Default’ to a smaller font, it also some how changes the ‘Exercise Packet First’ font size.

Am I missing something here?


They are linked under the hood. Delete all frames and create them from scratch.

That’s right. You can see a good example for this in Anthony’s new video about creating Primo/Secondo sheets: How to Format Music for Piano Duet | Page Layout in Dorico - YouTube

It would be nice if one could unlink the frames, but that’s OK.