confusing names cubase element cubase this and that

What is this elements that and this…

For every Cubase version there are product comparisons that show you which features are included in which package. They’ve got to give them a name, and small medium large sounds a bit stupid don’t you think?

I had cubase ai 6 not sure what the name was with my yamaha keboard I got it
I upgraded it and paid now I have cubase elements 6
Now does that mean my cubase elements 6 is inferior to cubase 6 ?


So is it cubase 6 or cubase artist 6 and how to upgrade from cubase element 6 ?

Thank you guys for helping me :confused:

Cubase 6(.5) is the “most complete”, if you can still find it. Otherwise it´s Cubase 7.

OH no days after days I am spending time to find out

Any body out there help me find out how I can upgrade from cubase element 6 to latest 6
not 7

Any link I can go to online payment?

There is no “latest 6”. Cubase 6 was discontinued, when 7 came out.
You can buy 7 and maybe run the C 6 trial as full version (MAYBE). And stop whining about your time - at the moment the users here are wasting their time looking things up for you… :unamused:

When did you register the upgrade? You may be elligible for a free update to version 7 of whichever Cubase you have.