Confusing trouble with instrument names / abbreviations

Hi — I’m attempting to use “show player name instead of instrument names” in a score where singers double on some handheld instruments, so that only Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, etc. shows as the staff label.

I’ve deleted the singular and plural names in the Setup panel for the auxiliary instruments.

When I tick the option “Full” in Staff labels on subsequent systems, the staff label displays as expected: “Mezzo-Soprano.” But when switching to Abbreviated, Dorico stubbornly re-inserts the instrument name which has been deleted: “M.-S. & Cast. 1.”

Is this a bug or intended behavior? Does anyone know a fix? I’d be most grateful…

In Setup mode, right-click the player and choose Rename Player from the context menu. This will show a little dialog in which you can edit both the full and short name of the player.

Yes, there it is. Thank you, Daniel!