confusing .wav file names of raw audio events?

hi, i am not actually a Cubase user.
my friend recorded a concert in Cubase, and gave me the raw .wav files for me to take into my DAW for my own mixdown.
but although he recorded only 17 tracks, there are like 471 different audio segments that Cubase recorded in the Audio folder.
the naming seems like it should make sense. Audio 1_01.wav etc.
but it somehow has 57 main groups, with the number of _01.wav extensions ranging from 14-2 each.
it doesn’t seem to make any sense.
how does Cubase number and name the raw .wav recordings in the Audio folder?
i’m hoping to just take in the right sequence of audio events for each track from the raw Audio recordings, but have no idea how it is supposed to be concatenated?



I’m having the issue that is creating the file confusion on your buddies end. This is the only thing I can find online that relates to this exact issue, so I’m hoping somebody can help me resolve this. For background purposes, I’m using a Macbook pro.

If I name a track Guitar 1, Cubase 8.0 creates a file on my computer names Guitar1_01 with the audio, but also creates a file called Guitar1_02, which is blank. If I stop that track and begin it again, it puts the new recording in the Guitar1_02 file, and creates a blank Guitar1_03 file that is blank and will presumably be where my next take goes.

I can’t figure out why this isn’t all going into the originally names Guitar1 file, which no underscored “ghost” files. I have a bandmate using the same program with a Mac with Cubase 8.0 that is not having this issue, yet we can’t resolve any difference in our settings. Interestingly, when I send him my files he can read them just fine. When I send them to another band mate with a PC with Cubase 8.0, he cannot read the files at all.

Any suggestions that can help resolve this issue? Thx in advance!