Confusing Working Directory Prompt

Why would Cubase suddenly prompt me with the working directory confirmation when I haven’t changed anything? These two directory paths point to the same folder anyway. Screenshot attached.
Cubase Directory Check.jpg

One path is in Documents, another one is in My Documents.

They both point to the same end file and it only exists in one place. I checked and there is no Documents and Settings folder even with hidden files turned on.

They are indeed referring to the same file location, Windows has this confusing virtual “My Documents” label which doesn’t actually exist in the File structure. I did see this once on my system too, I think it was after I’d changed the label on another hard drive but can’t be sure. Can’t be a good sign if it does this repeatedly…(mine didn’t)

In any case, it seems to be more on the OS level, not in Cubase. For some reason, the system tells Cubase, this file exists twice. Or am I wrong?

It’s probably a Windows thing. When I setup the computer before I installed Cubase I moved the Windows Documents location to my D partition. I’m guessing that might be the cause.