Confusion about preferences

My preference- options window looks quite different than the one, which is in the manual. There is no option for the window configuration, I can’t see the themes -option and I can’t choose an option to show the categories in the project window. What’s going on here?

Many screenshots in the manual still reflect v3.5 from the desktop, sorry for any inconvenience in the meantime. There’s a note at the start of the manual here - if there’s a difference, trust what you see in your iPad app. Images in the iPad manual will be updated in due course.

The window options aren’t relevant to the iPad version and are therefore not included.

Thanks, that explains everything. But it would be nice to have these window - options on the Ipad too. But there is still an issue. My project- window doesn’t look like those in the Dorico Introduction vidoes and in the manual. I don’t have the categories in the top toolbar, instead I have a popup menu, which is kind of time consuming to open.

The modes will appear as a popup menu if there isn’t enough room in the toolbar to display them as separate buttons. This will depend on the size and orientiation of your iPad, but also on the language you are using as the text on the buttons is longer in some languages than others.

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Yes, the page that covers the toolbar in more detail clarifies that the modes can appear as a menu or as buttons, although it doesn’t go into the specifics as to why (I’ll make a note to think about that).

I hope eventually that the manual will include the appropriate icons to call a specific iPad function as well as the key shortcuts. I spent quite some time yesterday trying to remind myself what various icons did or which icons to use for copy/paste (e.g.)

I was using a very simple piece to see how much I could do without using the QWERTY keyboard, and I did eventually find the copy/paste icons in the PDF manual by going back to find a description of the screen itself.

I’ve decided I would likely only use the iPad version without the QWERTY keyboard under great duress, and I also realized how very spoiled I have been using Dorico Pro on the desktop, since I often found myself mentally reaching for functions that didn’t exist (yet, at least) on the iPad version. Tool tips would be useful too down the road.

Still, the iPad version is an amazing achievement.

There’s obviously still a fair amount of catchup work needed in the iPad manual, but the copying/pasting task is one that does include iPad-specific methods already.

That is the key then: I searched for “copy/paste” and therefore missed it.
I do not underestimate the complexity of the challenges you face, reading people’s minds in advance.

I am also glad to learn there is an online version of the iPad documentation in addition to the PDF sine the online is usually easier to search.

Thank you…

The modes disappear generally for alle german users although there is a lot of space in the toolbar ( on an Ipad pro 12. 9). This should be fixed.