Confusion installing LE4 on MacBook Pro

I am hoping someone can offer some advice regarding the installation of LE4 onto a MacBook Pro. After inserting the disc and choosing Cubase LE4 for MacOS X, 4 files appear. Three of them are ReadMe or text files so I click on
Cubase LE4.mpkg. The installer opens and I go through a couple of steps clicking on Continue. After getting to the Installation step and after I enter my password to authorize installation of software, I immediately get a message that says “Waiting For Other Installation To Complete…” however I am not aware of any other installations running. When I tried installing LE4 for the first time last night, it made it almost all the way through the process but hung up at the very end when it said there was less than one minute left.

Does this ring a bell with someone? I am hoping it is me and not a compatibility issue. Thanks in advance for any assistance you all could provide.

I think I am discovering that my old LE4 is not going to be compatible with my mac running Mountain Lion 10.8. I presume I am going to have to upgrade. If this is the case, does anyone have any suggestions on the most cost effective upgrade options? Thanks