CONFUSION: Upgrade from CB 10 AI to CB 11 elements


a couple of days ago I have started this thread on doing this upgrade:

I was under the impression that it would preserve my settings. Unfortunatly I have done the upgrade and my settings are not preserved in this new version. To my suprise the old version is still installed, it is, however, upgraded to elements. So now I have two versions of cubase installed. Cubase 10 elements with my settings, and cubase 11 elements without my settings. Im baffled by this. I was operating under the assumption that I would end up with one version (CB11 elements) with all my settings. Is this normal, and how to deal with this Situation?

Thanks in advance!


Cubase is migrating the preferences 2 major versions down. That means, Cubase 11 gets the preferences of Cubase 10.5, 10.0, 9.5 and 9.0. The preferences are migrated within the same “hard/soft” line. That means AI, LE, and Elements are sharing the same preferences and Artist is sharing the preferences with Pro.

All that means, your Cubase AI 10 preferences should be copied to Cubase Elements 11.

If this doesn’t happen, you can delete Cubase Elements 11 preferences folder and let Cubase Elements 11 to recreate them. You can even “hack” it and rename the preferences folder from 10 to 11.

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thanks for the quick response! You are a hacker genuis! This has worked.

Now I only have the issue that a few plugins are not found by CB11 Elements. A particular brand (I won’t mention the brand, because I don’t know if that is allowed here) of plugins has all of them missing but two? My research has shown plugins are effected that are in the “Cubase LE AI Elements 10\VST3” folder. So I copied the whole metafolder as Cubas LE AI Elements 11. CB11 Elements still works, but the plugins are still nowhere to be seen? Is it advisable to restore the original folder? What am I to do now?

Another thing is that I randomly found a plugin that is highlighted as available, doesn’t load up and does not show up in the Plugin-Manager.

What I am wondering about as well is, what the reasoning is for keeping the older version? There is no use in 10 when you can use 11 right?

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Yes, you can mention the names/brands here, no problem.

First, make sure, your plug-ins are up to date, please.

Open the VST Plug-In Manager > Blocklist. I expect the missing plug-ins will be listed there. Activate them manually from here.

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that is good to know.

Some plugins are highlighted but not in the Plugin-Manger. These and those who are not highlighted (darker than the other ones) both do not apear on the Blocklist. All of those plugins work in the CB10 Elements version.

As an example I have in this month downloaded a few plugins from the Analog Obsession patreon to check them out. All but two of them are in the Plugin-Manager and load up. The other plugins are highlighted but are not found in the Plugin-Manager and are not loading up. In fact, they are highlighted in the insert-selection but in the Plugin-Manager they are dark.


Could you attach screenshots, please?

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Sure anything you need to see, let me know.

FIVER, STEQ, SSQ, G395a, MERICA are form Analog Obsession.

This does however apply to a variety of brands of plugins.


This is the right tab of the VST Plug-In Manager, right? TO be honest, I don’t know, what does it meant, the plug-in is gray out. How does the plug-in look like in the VST Plug-in Manager > main window, please? What does the Show VST Plug-in Information displays, please?

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Thanks for your continued help.

Here a look at the main window + plugin information:


Sorry, the screenshot seems to be corrupted.

Could you just select one of the affected plug-in and make the screenshot of the whole VST Plug-in Manager window, please?

Yes, here you go:

Anything you need to see, let me know.

Here the CB11 Elements VST Plugin-Manager:


ON the screenshot, it’s written “CB10 Elements”. I don’t see the same “CB11 Elements” screenshot, which is the important. Could you upload it, please?

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Here the screenshot of the same in “CB11 Elements”:

Only two of the Analog Obsession plugins show up in the VST Plugin-Manager of CB11 Elements at all.

I hope I have fixed the issue now. So it apears that manually copying the VST3’s from the “Cubase LE AI Elements 10” folder to the “common files” folder fixes the issue. I don’t know if I am running into more trouble down the line, but if so I will report here.

Thanks for the help. I would have been clueless without.

Since an upgrade to version 12 is included in my purchase, will the next upgrade leave the older versions installed again? Am I supposed to uninstall the older versions manually or is it recommended to keep them?


I’m glad you sorted it out.

Yes, the installation remains.

You can uninstall the older version, once you feel safe with the new one.

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Thank your very much, sir.