Congrats! And a couple of questions.

First of all congratulations on the new Nuendo! The new features and mixer look amazing! I believe the workflow (especially mixing and ADR) will be greatly sped up. Good job guys!

A couple of questions.
Although not a deal-breaker for me as I’m used to the current grouping options, are VCA groups implemented or planned in an update now that the mixer is completely re-written, I assume, in a more modular way?

Concerning ASIO guard. My understanding (and hope) is, that we set the lowest possible buffer in our interface settings, and ASIO guard adds latency in the playback only channels when needed to ensure smooth playback. So for example, when we want to record a midi VSTi the latency is minimum on the recording channel and the playback is still smooth? A similar and very useful approach found in a known DAW by a famous fruit company?
Is that the case, or does ASIO guard add latency to all the channels, independently if they are playback or recording?

Great job again guys!



Although the VCA question has been replied in another thread (VCA are not implemented yet, but are planned), can some reply to my question concerning the ASIO guard feature as per my above post?


Hopefully this feature will be implemented more intelligently than said fruit though. The last thing people need is for systems that used work well to come crashing down with 1 core spiking because of using some dodge for underpowered machines. As long as it just adds a playback buffer I’m sure it will be useful for some people. If it starts messing around with piling things onto one core, it could be not so useful. At least it can be switched off though. :wink:


ASIO Guard: The benefits are:

  • less Drop outs
  • more tracks with more FX
  • lower ASIO Buffer possible

With ASIO Guard active the Audio Engine works like this:

Internally all Tracks got a higher Latency until the Track is “Record Ready” or in “Monitoring” Mode.
Let’s say you have set the ASIO Buffer to 64 Samples, which is nice for using Midi or Audio Inputs with the lowest Latency. But when the Project gets bigger an bigger the ASIO Buffer needs to grow with the Project Size.

Its just like you are working with 1024 Samples ASIO Buffer all the time … until you need to have low Latency when playing Instruments. The Record (or Monitoring) Button will set the Track into “Realtime Mode” and reduce the latency for that track. Especially on the MAC side you will see an increase of performance.
ASIO Guard works very well for all Instruments like Synthesizer and/or Audio Effects. You can just use more Synths more Effects on the Same PC or Mac just by using Cubase 7/Nuendo6.


I have to add some to this info. It is not “like” it is always at 1024 samples. And I’m very happy for that, because I can’t mix at that latency. It is a pre-buffering safety for tracks not in record enable or monitor as Fredo said, but it varies with the set soundcard latency.

Like this:
If the ASIO Buffer is 64 the Prefetch Buffer will be 256
If the ASIO Buffer is 256 the Prefetch Buffer will be 1024

So do the math :slight_smile:

And it is working.



This is exactly what I wanted to hear and a feature I was really missing from Nuendo as I do loads of music production as well. Many thanks for this.

Now, when you guys add VCAs…Nuendo will be a monster of a DAW, even more than it now is. Hopefully in an update and not in a future major version?

I really miss the VCAs, but still, guys, excellent work so far.