Congrats for new Lo and High cut filters

Congrats for new Pre-Filters, Lo and High cut filters, from -6 to -48db/oct.
Very useful and efficient.

Just right-click on them to choose options :bulb:

Its Great! I would like to have 48db cut as default though.

That’s a most welcome addition… and not before time too


Believe it or not, for me one of the best additions to C8 (halfway there on C7) :wink:

+1. I really like not needing to insert a plug-in EQ (wasting a precious slot in the process) for a proper low-cut.


Agreed, as this is what I tend to go for first when I want to cut.

+1 Very nice addition.

Indeed a nice and useful addition. Very welcome :slight_smile:

and you now finally see the EQ too :slight_smile:

Filters plus seeing the note info in the EQ waveform are excellent additions. My only grumble is the lack of consistency; for instance other frequency graphs don’t show the note information.