Congrats Fredo!

Fredo, congrats on the Audio Media article, studio looks great! john.


Here you go:

I guess you have your head in the clouds (nuage)! Congrats.


Nearly a year now, but only a few months since everything is ready; new furniture etc …
These pictures still show the mockup we build.

And yes … Nuage is great.
One of the best investments ever.


Hi Fredo,

congrats from me as well, the room looks great. Good to see that you decided
to keep the stone/wood walls. That looks pleasant!


Congrats Fredo! If anyone should have a Nuage its you :slight_smile:. Enjoy!

Congrats! :sunglasses: AND congratulations to John as well for his article in this month’s issue of MIX magazine! :mrgreen:

Congrats Fredo!

Very nice indeed!

Another pic

I like your speakers. :wink:

(Crowd: “Hey Dietz, what else is new …?!?”)

Don’t get it Dietz.
You have been saying this from the first time we met. (And that is a long time ago …)
Since we both agree that these are one of the finest speakers available, then why haven’t you bought a couple yourself?


Who said that I didn’t? ;-D … But the real asnwer is: Because I don’t run a studio of my own, and because I talked most places I work in into buyíng a pair of HD-1s themselves.

Just teasing you …


But not as good as these:

And BTW. IMHO both the HD-1s and the Acheron Designer need DSP control to be accurate.

Hi Pal,

Yeah, but these are two different beasts.
No doubt that the Acheron is the best cinema system ever build, but it wouldn’t work as near- or midfields.


They work just fine as midfields. Talking about the Designers that is. Not the large ones.
Still need DSP though :slight_smile:


This is a great studio and a great man in it !!!
Congratulations !!