Congrats on Cubase 10

Running Cubase 10 on a fresh windows 10 install here, I’m impressed. Snappy, fast, stable, clean looking, higly configurable. The suffering since version 7 has ended. Great job, thanks again.

I am glad for you that Cubase 10 runs great for you and that you are very happy with it.
Indeed, Cubase 10 is a big improvement if you come from version 7. (both for pc version and mac version that is).

I wish you much pleasure with Cubase 10 !

“Since version7”. I’ve used them all but was not verry happy, lots of performance problems. They are gone now with 10 on all my machines. Same or even more stable cpu load (no realtime peaks anymore!) as the 32 bit version of 8, wich was the latest I could use for realtime recording. 8 64bit was unusable for me, due to cpu overload. 9 was even worse.

How big are you projects ? How many 3rd party vst and vsti plugins you use ?