Congrats on the 1.1 - some thoughts

Just a note to say well done on the range of features in this new update. These will make Dorico much more usable for me. Very excited to put it through its paces now.

A couple of points - the “Check for Updates” menu item doesn’t really lead anywhere useful - just to the main Dorico page. Could that be changed?

(I don’t suppose Figured Bass is included in the Chords, is it…?)

I look forward to Dorico 1.2!

Showing real patience… :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Figured bass is not included in the support for chord symbols. Really it’s an entirely different beast. We certainly plan to tackle it in future, but it’s a big job in its own right.

I bought Dorico the moment it was available, because of my confidence in the design team. But I have not used it at all, since without chord symbols and endings, it was useless for my purposes. But now with the release of 1.1 I’m ready to dive in, and after seeing the overview video and scoring notes review, I’m quite excited to incorporate Dorico into my music production workflow.
Good job guys!

Might it be possible to ‘fake’ FB just using lyric verses (for stacking) or other text?

Might a specialised “Dorico Figures” font, having grouped figures as one glyph, be helpful?

Of course, the one (other) thing that would really make Dorico my first choice is having it running on my laptop and desktop without any nonsense. :smiley:

It’s easy to fake “General-Bass” with the Lyrics-Tool. It’s just so powerful. I finished a Cantata of Telemann some weeks ago and it’s been already 2 weeks ago in concert. Musicians were just amazed with the look of the music.
Telemann 'Sey tausendmal willkommen' Gesamtpartitur 9.png

That’s wonderful. How did you make the 65 figures etc - different verses? Would you be happy to share a snippet of a Dorico file that demonstrates your techniques?

What font did you use for the figured bass? Your work looks amazing.

Verses 1, 2 and 3 used, distance between lines set to 1/2 space.

It would of course look nicer with another font, and with some manual adjustment on the 4th 8-note, but I guess this is what Kreisler Jun did.
I did not find a way of having independent fonts for different verses in the lyrics. Is that doable?

EDIT: One way would be to use Lyrics for chorus for the figured bass. That is, if one needs to have regular lyrics for vocal staves AND figured bass. If not, it is just necessary to change the lyrics font to something more suitable.

Bravura has figured bass symbols, but they do not seem to be easily input. Maybe better to use Matthew Hindson’s figured bass font, free to download on the internet. I normally don’t use it myself but it is often recommended.
figbass.PNG (461 KB)

I developed a font for figured bass notation in Finale some years ago. It works quite well with Dorico (take a look at the attached image of some Bach).
See here:

Note, however, that I mapped the symbols for convenient input with a german keyboard. It may be a bit awkward with other keyboard layouts.
Also, Dorico replaces the underscore (_) and the simple apostroph (’, unfortunately that’s # on the second layer in the font) automatically when used in lyrics. As most of the symbols have zero width, correct centering below the notes is a bit of an issue. There are two additional ‘space characters’ mapped to y (quite narrow) and Y (wide) you can use to correct this a bit during input.

According to the post “Re: Impressive Biber results”, the Opus Figured Bass font from Sibelius works well with Dorico’s lyric input but I have not tried it yet. See also the original post, “Impressive Biber results”. Hope this helps.

The numbers are the default Lyric-Font, Accidentials are Bravura from - just copy and paste and a little “play-around” with the font-size

I used a combination of Lyrics-Tool (mainly Numbers) and Text-Tool (most for the accidentials), so nothing magical - besides the “Dorico-Magic” :smiley:

I will add the first Aria as example later - some Problems with “zip” here

Oh good lord, all that work and clicking - lol.