Congratulation to Dorico 3.5

Hello Dorico team,

I would like to congratulate you all for your kindness and professionalism in answering the questions that everyone keeps asking.
Congratulations also of course to this wonderful software that I find so simple to approach and so logical personally.
Dorico meets 99% of my needs and with the updates it will only get stronger.
I am a very experienced Finale user and I must say that Dorico meets my expectations better because it encourages me to be consistent in my writing.
Sometimes I think: Dorico you are right and I am wrong.
I also notice that the scores I print are also much more beautiful than with Finale but I don’t know why.
In any case bravo bravo bravo and continue like that.
Special thanks to @dspreadbury, @Lillie_Harris who always gives me more than satisfactory answers.


What he said.

Thank you for sharing these thoughts @Laurent_Colombo - it’s always nice to hear when people enjoy using Dorico!

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