Congratulations and Thank you to Daniel and his team

Congratulations to you, Daniel, and your team for finally reaching this point in the development of Dorico.

And thank you for setting up this forum so that we can begin to feel comfortable with the software even before it is released.

You’re very welcome, David. I hope we’ll be able to have some useful and fun discussions here while we all wait…

As a Sibelius user, I can’t wait to try this new software. It is very good to see Daniel here.

Daniel was always very helpful with advice and tips when I carried out reviews of Sibelius from v1 to v7 for Keyboard Player Magazine years ago, so I’d add my congratulations to him and the team for the forthcoming release of Dorico. I like what I see so far and I look forward to working with the programme and introducing it to my Music Technology and Music students.


Thanks Bob

This is great. Everything that’s missing in ‘another place’ is here already: anticipation, excitement, atmosphere and above all Daniel fielding our questions. I feel right at home and we don’t even have the software yet!