After trying Nuendo Live I couldn’t resist any more - I purchased it.

You often have just one opportunity with Live-Recordings.
Until now I used Cubase 5-6 for my (Live-) Recordings. No problem but compared to Nuendo Live it was a bit complicated to open all the tracks, to assign the inputs to them and so on. Further, it wasn’t save to record with Cubase. Once I had a break of a recording session because I hadn’t set a long enough range. Running into the end stopped Cubase…
And also: “Moving the mouse too fast” or “at the wrong place” could stop the recording session as well… :smiling_imp:

But now - with Nuendo Live - nothing can stop the recording session - even if you set a marker, give it a name or what ever. Thank you so much!
The Audio functions are running fast and fluently. The wave files get the names I want.
Even if Nuendo Live does only this job: a save recording session. But it does it save and so it calms one’s nerves more than I thought.
A further “Thank you so much” for giving as the possibility to import Nuendo-Live-Projects into Cubase 6.5. Very kind!

So I’m very happy and keen to record a next concert…

:exclamation: Even if I’m happy I have 2 requests:

  1. Please give us more colors for coloring the tracks or offer a possibility for the customer to create his own coloring system.
  2. Please give us a possibility to insert a graphic line or a band between audio tracks so we can divide the tracks into groups graphically.
    This would be a great help (better overview with a lot of tracks).

All the best


thanks very much for your positive feedback!
And your two requests will be discussed for the next update.


Great :sunglasses:
About the line: Instead of a line it also could be a time line, a time scale, as we get it in Cubase for example.