I just watched the demo on Youtube — all I can say is WOW!!!

Pretty amazing. Congratulations Daniel and team!!

Please take my money!! :smiley:

Looks amazing. Congratulations!

congrats on release=)

Hear hear!

Very impressive :slight_smile:

Did I understand Daniel aright that such articulations as pizz and arco aren’t available in this release?

I thin he was talking about automatic articulation playback in Halion. You can still type them in.


Thx. But if you add them/type them in, will they play as such? Or do they have to be entered via MIDI CCs?

IF I ever foolishly thought I might not, after all, buy Dorico, I, after seeing and hearing the Dorico live stream at, know that I will buy it. Today.

Thank you ever so much, Daniel, the team, and Steinberg. All of us, the professional composers and musicians, can finally throw away whatever scoring program(s) we used to use to prevent us from writing what we wanted to write.

When I started using computers to write – I repeat: write – music about 30 years ago, I knew this is and will be bad. And it was, it has been. I am not blaming my good old friend Finale (since 1992) about anything. It was only what it could be and is what it can be. Thank you, Finale.

Dorico takes us back to what composing used to be and should be: Write whatever you want however you want. I just might even stop missing my pencil, rubber eraser and sheets of paper - the only tools that ever worked before Dorico.

Thank you again.

Oh, I see No, not yet.


I continue to hope for early addition of pitch-first step entry; but I found the presentation (and software) impressive and plan to order it tomorrow.

I was there. It was incredibly impressive.

I think Dorico has stolen the top place right from the off - certainly as regards elegance of engraving and speed and flexibility of working - when we all get used to it, of course. I’m looking forward to using it to release more creative working in me as a composer.

“Did I understand Daniel aright that such articulations as pizz and arco aren’t available in this release?” - Yes (as in playback), but they soon will be.

I watched the demo and tutorial vids and they are excellent. Brilliant work to Daniel, the Dorico development team Steinberg for developing Dorico. In a few hours, the program will be available for download. I’m thinking that sales figures would be strong given its hype, don’t you think? Best of luck for a well-received launch!

I’ve used Finale since 1995, and while it has always been the only serious contender for me, it has always infuriated me. Now, based on what I’ve seen, I am certain that Dorico will take its place. Unless they really mess up the playback features, but I can’t see that happening. I think that Daniel and the gang have earned the right to have a good laugh now at those who decided to take Sibelius out of their hands… Ain’t karma great :laughing:

I watched the demo live on YouTube last night, great, really enjoyed it and would have happily sat through another hour instead of 90 mts. Excellent presentation from Daniel (as always).

My crossgrade copy has been verified and paid for and is currently downloading as I write this (9 GB download) ready for installation :smiley:

Playing techniques such as pizz, arco, mute (and about 120+ others) are available via the Playing Techniques panel. They don’t play back yet – this is something that we are working on and hopefully will be available very soon. However if you author a score with these markings in then you shouldn’t need to go back and change anything in order to get them to play back, when that all is working.

Playing Techniques are a type of object within the score that may be text, line or symbol, and they carry the semantic information of what the playback effect is separately to how they are to be represented visually. eg if a mute on a guitar stave is to be represented by cross noteheads but a mute on another instrument represented by ‘mute’ text.