Congruence between playback and articulations for string quartet in dorico pro?

Hi. I’m considering upgrading from elements to pro, but only if there is high congruence between string quartet articulations and the playback with pro, which in elements, i think is not the case . Or maybe i just need to buy a sample library like noteperformer to get the congruence i want without upgrading?

Thank you for your help in advance

I don’t know how congruent is Elements with playback, since I use Pro, but you can always try NotePerformer with the free trial. I find it to be very good, and I guess it’ll work with Elements as well.

Yes, you can certainly use any sound library you wish with Dorico Elements. NotePerformer is the lowest-effort solution, but you can also use any other sample library, and Dorico Elements provides all the same tools as Dorico Pro for working with sample libraries, with the exception of the ability to create new playing techniques. But certainly all of the standard ones you might be likely to encounter are already built-in to the panel you can find in Write mode.