Connect 1 midi channel to more vst?

morning all,

is it possible to connect one channel to more vst instruments so you don;t have to copy?
I never found it :frowning:

If not in cubase 5, is it in cubase 6 or is it to difficult to make?

Can you not use a midi send?

(just to add… this is if using regular MIDI tracks routed to the VSTi rack. On the other hand, if you are using Instrument tracks, they do not have MIDI Sends, unfortunately).

Ok, to be honest. I never used the midi send, but i read in the post you must need the vst rack.
I now uses the instrument channel cause the automation is easier to find.

No other solution?

no has a tutorial or something?
i read it is possible with the midi send but don’t have any clue how to do :open_mouth:

I think this is possible with an outboard midi instrument because the midi track allows routing through the interface. Don’t think it’s possible for a vst instrument because it seems the midi track output will route to only one vst instrument at a time. Looks like you will have to copy the track in this case.

Re-read the posts of split and vic_france - it is possible for MIDI tracks via MIDI sends, so no need to double the MIDI track.
@CemonVicta: If you don´t know how to use MIDI sends, open the PDF Manual, use its search function and read up on it…

I stand corrected. Couldn’t get it to route to more than one flying by the seat of my pants. I’ll take a look at the pdf too.

I did. :frowning: but could not find any clue. Any ideas or did anyone find it? Also on YouTube no tutorial. :frowning: it sound Very easy to me but no one can give me An answer.

If you wish to send the MIDI data to more than one instrument, then you don’t have any choice… you have to use a regular MIDI track (routed to an instrument in the VSTi rack… or indeed, routed to an external synth).
That MIDI channel has four MIDI Sends, each of which can be output to other instruments in the VSTi rack, or to external MIDI ports.

i give up.
i tried what you said, but i don’t see it into the midi send. i only see stuuf like the aparche and like that :frowning:

Activate the send, and use the second field beneath which says “not connected” which is the output popup menu as opposed to the Effect selection pop up menu, which you´re using now. (And as explained in the manual…)
To send MIDI data out to a second instrument, you obviously need to use an output and you obviously need a second VSTi loaded into the instrument rack…

i don’t see it into the midi send

Sends might be hidden, they were on my system. Right click in the inspector for the MIDI track and make sure that MIDI Sends is checked.

Yes, i found it, thanks you very much, again i found a way to work faster, but to be hones, still did not found it into the manual this way.

but many thanks to you guys.

How do I add more midi inputs/outputs? I currently seem to have 0. Do I need hardware for this or is there some kind of software to emulate midi ports?

Skar2 are you talking about physical ports or virtual ports? what are you trying/needing to do?