Connect 2 notes, slide.. [this is sound generating]

Any one of you good with generating synth sound, could you please tell me how to connect 2 notes like the pitch bend works? I have Cubase 8.5 onboard sounds. I only need this with whistle or sine sound. First note should slide to next one. I hope you understand.

Sorry, this is more like VST instrument section but if i want to post in there i need to choose Halion or retrologue etc. For me any on-board Cubase synth would be ok. Additionally i have Reason 8 synths, Korg Legacy Collection, (MS20, M1, Polysix, Wavestation)


You’re looking for Glide/Portamento. In Retrologue you just have to turn Glide on (top left of the screen). It works better in Mono mode.

Korg MS20 also has it and calls it (as many other synths do) Portamento…just turn up the knob.

Overlap the first note to the second and it’ll slide…if there is a gap between notes it won’t (usually)

Thank you both. I will take it from here