Connect Ipad with full midi and audio

Hi all, cut to last paragraph for simple explanation of what I am after :slight_smile:. I have browsed the net looking for a solution or to see if this is even possible but not come across a convincing answer yet. Basically want to connect the Ipad to Cubase in a way that allows audio through USB in to DAW and also MIDI.
I am looking for the cheapest way possible to do this as its just to dabble with.
I already have the camera USB connector and a powered USB hub.
I thought I might be able to plug the ipad straight into the powered hub using usb camera link and then UR22 interface in to same hub then this would go to PC. I know i can plug a midi keyboard straight in to the camera usb and play direct into Ipad, I know I can pluf same usb from ipad to UR22 and get audio into ipad (though i dont need this). If i get a USB gender changer or cable and change the device end to a standard usb end would i be able to put this into my powered hub together with UR22 and midi keys and get midi in to the ipad and also audio out through usb and into daw?

Require midi in to ipad and audio out from an app such as THOR through USB camera cable into cubase.
Is this possible with the USB camera cable, powered hub and UR22 interface or do i need to spend money on something else?


Look here:
I have the ICM+2 and it provides 2 din midi I/O (4 software midi ports with routing) plus “audio pass through” to your PC or MAC. If you have a PC you’ll have to use ASIO4all if you have another audio interface. The ICM+4 is particularly cool because you can also plug a usb midi keyboard into it and use it both on the Ipad and PC/MAC. They also have a very cool product not releasd yet that is a full fledged 4 mic pre audio/midi interface that will work with Ipad and PC/MAC simultaneously.
As I said I have the ICM+2 and I use their power supply (I tried generic and it didn’t work) to keep the Ipad charged, very cool.

thanks for that. I will take a look. I have the Steinberg UR22 and use the yamaha driver that is included. Are you saying this driver would have to be replaced with the ASIO4ALL if i were to use the ICM+2?
Hmm just looked at this and its a full interface. I already have the UR22 which probably doe the same as the ICM+2 other than it only has 1 USB port.
I wonder if there is such a thing as a USB splitter?

You could still use your UR22, you’d just have to ASIO4all as your driver. Your UR22 would show up as well as the audio from your Ipad. The ICM2+ is ONLY midi and “audio pass through” (which is what you’re after), it has no audio ins or outs.