Connect iPhone headphones to Cubase on laptop:

I have Cubase 12 on my laptop (Windows 11), and sometimes on the road i would connect my simple apple Wired headphones to the laptop, and work on Cubase.

For some reason now it doesn’t work, I plug in the headphone and now i hear the sound from the laptop’s speakers.
Guess something needs to be configure in the settings, but I don’t know what.

Thanks !


Double-check the selected ASIO driver in the Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System, please.

This is the Audio system window, what i need to choose ?


This is Windows, right?

yes this is windows


Sorry, I don’t know, how are the headphones handled on Windows. Do they have own driver?

Does ASIO4ALL see the device? Can you use it within ASIO4ALL?

In Settings → Sound, what is your selected output device ?

@Nivs719 I’ve had this issue after changing to a new Dell laptop. My old laprop used to switch automatically which I think was because of the ASUS preloaded software.

The only thing that has worked for me so far is to have the headphones plugged in before booting up the laptop. Then when I go into the Control Panel for the Generic Low Latency Driver, the headphones appear as a selectable output port option.

Good luck, let us know how you get on, and also if find a better solution!

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Does the ASIO4ALL Control Panel show the headphones?

Hi @Martin.Jirsak I’m not the OP so you probably weren’t addressing this to me, but I’ve just realised that I don’t have ASIO4ALL on my new laptop, which might have caused the similar issue I’m having? Does it come with Cubase? I don’t remember having to look for it previously - thanks.


No, it’s a 3rd party application. You have to install it separately.

Thanks - I’m wondering where I got it from on my last laptop then, maybe it was pre-installed.

This is Cubase’s audio settings. Whatever driver is configured here ends up going to a physical piece of hardware be it a chip on your motherboard or an outboard dedicated audio device.

What’s your Windows’ default output device ? Select Start->Settings->Sound or just search, in Windows, for ‘sound’.

Beware that some motherboards/laptops can detect audio plugs being attached (or that are already attached) and ‘helpfully’ redirect Windows’ output accordingly (ie headphones, internal speakers etc). Remember, of you’re using the default ‘audio card’ for a laptop (aka ‘onboard audio’) it’ll be on the motherboard (Realtek is a popular general use ‘audio card’). And that ‘card’ (or, rather, device) can have multiple physical outputs (speakers, headphones, HDMI speaker audio etc).

Onboard audio is great to simply have Cubase function on your laptop without anything further being required to audition stuff and mess about. But for ‘serious’ audio use it’s best to utilise pukka audio devices attached by USB or whatever. Onboard audio can then be simply relegated to system sounds, Whatsapp or whatever (which is what it was designed for). Good luck!

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Thanks everyone, problem solved.
I simply deleted the ASIO4ALL and used “Generic low latency”, and through the control panel of the Generic it was possible to choose headphones as the output.

Thanks for the help (: