Connect MotifXF8 to Cubasis 2

Hi there,

I would like to connect my MotifXF8 to Cubasis 2 on my iPad (older gen. 2). Can I do that by simply using the iPad’s existing 30-pin connector that ends in a USB male connector and then get a connector that goes from there to the “to host” USB (the square one) on my Motif? Or do I need an audio/midi interface?

Here is what I’d like to do: I want to record something on my Tyros 3 using Cubase 6. I then export the project and import it to Cubasis on my iPad. Then I wanted to add a track in Cubasis and record a vocoder track using the microphone connected to the MotifXF.

Next I export the final project again, import it back to Cubase 6 and do my final mixing there. The reason I wanted to go about it this way is because my two keyboards are in two different locations. The tyros is where I have my Cubase 6 full version on Windows and the MotifXF sits in another location where I would like to use Cubasis 2 on an iPad.

If you could help me with some advise on that here - that would be wonderful. Thank you kindly already.

Cheers, Roland
from the Canadian Rockies :slight_smile:

Hi Roland,

For midi recording with an external keyboard into Cubasis you need an midi interface.
For audio recording into Cubasis you need an audio interface.

Cubasis supports only midi file import or audio file import and not Cubase project import.

  • you can export your Cubase project as midi file

For importing Cubasis projects into Cubase you need the Cubasis Importer you can download here :


Hello Jan,

Thank you ! Very much appreciated. That gets me going - so I’ll check out the interfaces. I currently have an UR28 which is fantastic for my audio connections but I will need to look into the Midi side of things I now understand.

Thanks much again and have a super week. Cheers, Roland

Hi Roland,

Adding to Jan’s reply we’ve received the additional confirmation from Yamaha that the Motif XF does not have a capability to transfer audio data via USB.


Hello Lars,

Thank you ! I think that I now found my solution: I will get the UR44 which has enough ports for my two keyboards once they are back together. Meantime I can use it to establish a clean audio and MIDI connection from my MotifXF8 to a light version of Cubase so I don’t have to fiddle with the camera adaptor on this older model.

Thanks much again and have a great day. Cheers,Roland

Hi Roland,

Thanks for your message.

The UR44 seems to be a good choice and the device both works fine with Cubasis, Cubase and our other Steinberg products.

Have lots of fun using Cubase and Cubasis!


Hello Lars,

Sorry for my late reply - but many thanks. I found that the UR devices are all really solid and well designed.

By the way: I sent a note to your colleagues earlier that the product headlines at should be updated from “Sweet Sport Morphing” to just maybe “Sweet Spot Morphing” - hehe. I had quite a giggle about that one - maybe my mail to them got lost in the mail jungle :slight_smile:

Anyway - good stuff and thanks much again ! Cheers, Roland

Thanks for the update, Roland!
I’m glad that the UR devices works as expected for you!

Have great fun using Cubasis!