Connect my analogue mixing desk Cubase

Hi, I have an Allen & Heath mixing desk (analogue) which I would like Cubase to recognise. Reason for this is that my monitor speakers are connected to the desk and would like to listen to Cubase through them. The desk can be connected to the PC via a USB cable. My MIDI controller is a Korg Kross and would be connected to Cubase via the desk. The desk needs no drivers for the PC. I have tried connecting desk to PC but Cubase doesnt spot it. Is there a setting I could use on Cubase for me to play my keyboard through the desk then desk into Cubase. Would also like to use the desk as an audio interface to record real instruments into Cubase. Hope that’s clear. Or, do I just need some better speakers for the PC ? Don’t think I can use my big monitors as they are large jacks or XLR into the desk currently. Any help would be great. Thankyou

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  2. Without telling peoeple what mixer you are talking about (ZED-Range?), it will be hard to give you useful advice.

Hi, I have an Allen & Heath Zed 16FX. Thanks

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I would guess you need an ASIO driver for the desk - if A+H don’t have one on their site, a generic one like ASIO4all might work. As for the keyboard, I would connect it directly to the PC via USB if that is possible.