Connect Performer v - RME Madi Problem

I am able to select HDSPe Madi card but can get no input or output to connect performer. RME software mixer is routing mics straight to the stereo out. They just don’t get to connect performer. Same issue with RME Fireface 800. Working on a Mac Pro 2009, OS 10.10.2 with latest RME drivers. (Mac onboard audio works)

Thanks for any help.

Can you select the busses on top of the channels?

Thanks for reply. Yes, I can access all device channels on busses above “Mic” or "Inst:. Yet audio won’t pass. RME software mixer is routed mic–>stereo outs. Have tried various outputs. Maybe an rme issue.

wow. getting past the gatekeepers here with another reply takes a few days I guess. posted a reply but it’s not appearing here.
Yes, thanks for replying Musicullum. Can access busses, but no audio will pass from card to Connect Performer.
Perhaps an RME issue.

If the Master output (of VST Connect Performer) shows meter activity, it is almost certainly an issue with the driver/RME mixer/hardware.