connect pro 4 questions

couple questions that I hope someone can answer.

  1. In the past, I tried to use connect pro, maybe version 2 or 3, can’t remember. But, I do remember I was never able to get a connection between me and the performer as there were issues with routers, etc. Is version 4 any better about this or are there still lots of hoops to jump through?

  2. Anyone using connect with folks in other parts of the world and how does a longer ping time affect latency, etc.

  3. When recording a performer, is the compressed recording replaced by an uncompressed take later? or, are you getting the uncompressed version as you record? Haven’t been able to figure this out yet.

  1. there are no issues with routers etc and you don’t have to do anything like port forwarding or the like, if you work within a standard environment. That also means to not use additional firewalls, or so called “security software”; nowadays, unless you are continuously surfing the “darknet”, and provided you are not connected via a special router infrastructure like particular company firewalls etc, there is no reason for additional security software - in fact, it only gets in the way - and there should be no problem at all to connect. This of course counts for both sides.
  2. of course, latency is affected by distance, even the speed of light adds some 130 ms if you connect around half the globe. But with VST Connect, you just set the Remote Latency value to 2 or 3 seconds and you’re good to go. The only drawback is that you have a larger delay when chatting.
  3. Yes, the PRO version provides the “Get HD files” function which transfers the uncompressed recordings from the Performer’s computer and automatically creates tracks and groups to integrate into Cubase or Nuendo.


I’d strongly suggest you give it a try - there are some issues with the current beta version (IMO) - so might be best to use the slightly older non beta.

1 - connection works fine, best use the ID login

2 - I’ve only used it within the same country - but I don’t think you’ll have to much trouble with the ping times as long as you have a reasonably stable connection with reasonable (?) speed (up and down). VST connect isn’t ‘real time’ and it adds a buffer delay to take care of the latency. Sounds complex but it’s invisible behind the scenes

3 - yes, you record a compressed version - perfect decent quality and you can set the amount of compression. With the PRO version it also records the full (HD) quality versions locally on the remote end. Then, after the session, you can transfer the uncompressed ones…at this point this doesn’t work well for me, so you might find it easier to send them via another method - depends on how tech-savvy the performer is.

I don’t know how techie you are but you definitely need to be using the Control Room in cubase/nuendo (it’s easy !) - and it takes a few minutes to work out the slightly odd routing but bear with it.

It’s by no means perfect and has quite a few bugs but you can get decent results.

The documentation is pretty vague and out of date but read the manual and have a look here:

post back here with your experience - I’m interested in how others are using it - plus the mods here are very helpful (compare to the rest of the steinberg forum !)

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