Connect Pro v5.5 - initial reports

Thanks for the update.

A couple of quick thoughts on an initial test.

Connect over the LAN gave the ‘Have to use the same version’ error, even though PRO/Performer were the same. Switched the Performer over a tethered phone and then connected fine (no other changes)

On Windows the original aspect ratio of the webcam is ignored (haven’t checked a Cubase Video) - Logitech 920 is 16:9 but is cropped to 4:3 in PRO. Mac seems fine and keeps 16:9. Not a showstopper but a bit ugly.

We have been waiting for this for a long time! Thanks and congratulations to the developers!

Restarting the HD download is HUGE. That may save a ton of aggravation for me in the future. I’ve ended up having to remote into the performers computer and copy the HD files to a file sharing site just so I could get them. Biggest problem then is that they have no reference to measure #1 anymore and I have to go line them up manually. This should avoid that extra step if it works.

There is also a new feature in the Performer app for exporting the currently actrive project to a zip folder that can be sent to Studio for unpacking and presenting to the “Get Local HD Files” function.

Performer audio files have (and always had) a timestamp where in the timeline they were recorded. This you can use in the Media Pool should all else fail, so they do have that reference.

Can’t reproduce that at all. Could you let us know the exact message? I assume there is a misunderstanding, because for LAN connections, afaik there is only a message saying that local connection failed.

Yes, we are working on that. 4:3 is chosen for the cam as that is the default size of the view. You can now size the view, so we’ll choose 16:9 in the future. Also those bottom views which are 16:9 are ‘hovering’ and will be aligned to the bottom then.

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understood - although works fine on mac