Connect to Debugger?

Did anyone get an external debugger to work? In the edit window you can activate the button “Connect to Debugger” for a lua-script. I’ve tried this with the ZeroBrane lua editor/debugger. But it didn’t work cause all Halion 6 lua functions and classes are unknown for the external editor/debugger.
How is the connection to a debugger intended to work? I didn’t found any further explanation in the help sources.

Hi Svengali.

Connecting to the debugger was broken. It has been fixed in HALion 6.2.20. Please update to this version.

Which debugger you can use and connecting it is documented here:

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Hi Matthias,

That’s great news. Is LDT the only debugger that works with Halion?

Are there any plans for a Halion specific Execution Environment to offer some code assistance in LDT?

Hi misohoza,

just saw your question.

LDT is the only one I know that works.

Code assistance in LDT is not planned at the moment.

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