Connect to midi devices w/o a restart

Hey gang,
Is there any way to get Cubase to see a midi device with a restart?
Thanks for any help,

Aloha I,

You did not list what gear you are using (hard and soft ware)

But I read your post and tried it and MIDI reconnects just fine.

1-I have Cubase 5/6/7 up-and-running and
2-I unplug my MIDI device (Yamaha/Steinberg n12) and then replug it,
3-the MIDI connection gets restored without restarting either
Cubase, the n12, or the ‘‘puter.

HTH (hope this helps)

It only works like that on Mac. Windows users have to restart Cubase. :wink:

Thanks Steve,
Found out your right. Went to a friend who has a Mac and he had no problem reconnecting. (Kept doing it multiple times just to mess with me) Why do they always neglect us PC guys? Well, maybe in an update.