Connect Wavetable 3D template to what parameter? (EDITED: Previously display waveform)

I know this can be done with the wavetable but can it be done with the sampler waveform also?

Essentially I want to show it on the main macro page.

Nevermind, I’ll just convert my samples to wavetables.

So now that I’ve changed to using wavetables in order to use the Wavetable 3D template I need to connect the display to something.

I’ve been through several candidates I thought could work but with no success.

Although, maybe it is possible afterall: Sample Display - HALion Macro Page - Steinberg Developer Help

Sample display should work fine. I guess you already found documentation for that.

For wavetable you need to connect the Play Data parameter. But for some reason it looks like it disappeared from parameter list in latest version of Halion.

Load any Anima instrument and check the macro page. You can copy and paste the parameter id from there .

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Good tip, I’ll do that thanks.

I’ve also since found the Waveform option:

However, again, I’m unsure where to connect it. It mentions it can be used for loop start/end also but in terms of basic functionality (ie, a simple wave) I don’t see mention of where to connect.

That said, I’ll follow your advice re checking an Anima instrument. Thanks.

It depends whether you use the waveform control or Sample Display template.

For waveform - select the sample zone and open parameter list. Scroll down to SampleOsc folder. All parameters needed are there. The most important one is probably Filename. You don’t necessarily need to connect all of them.

Sample display is a template that contains the waveform and most of the parameters are pre-assigned. You just need to set the scope. Easy way to do this is connect any zone parameter, click into that scope field and you should see something like:

@0:Zone 1/@id:48382
(just an example)

Delete the last bit (parameter id)
@0:Zone 1/

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Fantastic. I’ll check that in a bit. I’m still undecided which one I’ll go with, it depends how they look/function in practice really. Will test both and decide then.

I would have never in a million years have chosen filename though.

Worked it out. It’s either MatrixLiveData or PreviewZone, they both seem to work. There must be a difference but I can’t tell that yet.

I’ve reverted back to using samples as opposed to wavetables due to the way the waveform visual displays when stacking samples on the same note. The sample oscillator does this perfectly on the same waveform however the wavetable does it by wavetable, meaning you can’t have a single display showing X wavetables.