HI everyone,

I have some problem connecting those things I mention above. I really appreciate some help!!!

Both are connected through A/B USB cable; so far, Ive been able to record a midi track on Cubase playing on the Yamaha but the sound doesn´t come out the PC but, I just can hear it out the Yamaha headphones, although it gets recorded on Cubase midi track, without clik syncronation… when I play it, I can hear it out the Yamaha´s headphone but not out Pc`s speakers…

Also, I can use (recording and playing) Yamana pads as Cubase virtual keyboard, and, here, the sound comes through PC…

Drivers appear to be OK installed and on Cubase ports Setups are Yamaha DTX M12 all right…

Still, doesn`t work.

Does anyone where I can get a specical guide to connect those?


Absolute beginer :blush:

I don’t own a DTX M12, but I do have a DTX700. They’re probably similar in the way they connect to the computer.
In short: what you want is not going to work. The USB port on the M12 provides midi IO, which you already discovered. It does however not provide audio IO. In other words, in order to record audio from the M12, you’ll need to hook up the audio outputs of the M12 to an audio input on your soundcard and record those.

Very much appreciated, Strophoid

You`re right, what I need is an external midi/audio soundcard.

Thanks again