Connected to internet: issues?

Hi …

So, up to this point, the mastering computers are not connected to the outside world. So, no firewalls or anti virus programs.

For various reasons, there are plans here to have the main machines progressively connected to the internet: some apps are moving to require connection to work.

For those with their main machines ‘connected’ are there any implications to WL performance? I can remember when earlier versions of ProTool* had issues with stuff like firewalls and virus checkers.

Any random tips to ensure happiness?

Running Windoze 7 Professional and the latest version of WL.

I’ve been connected for years with the studio PC and never had one issue regarding this. As far as one can know, ofcourse. I do have virus scanning off as a planned action, and no file gets checked when opened - but ofcourse anything coming from the outside world is checked. Also, I try to control software updates on this machine by only having software notifying me of updates and not automatically installing it - as far as this is possible. I see some trouble in this field with Windows 10, but refrain from updating the studio PC for a while anyway…

Both of my production PCs are connected to the internet.
Sophos Anti-virus active at all times.
One PC is Win-7, N6, WL8.5 … One PC is Win-XP, N3, WL5 … No performance issues
No problems at all.

My main studio machine has been permanently connected for appx two years. No performance issues have been detected, au contraire, a lot of work is now easier, including file transfers and software updates. It is of course important to control these updates yourself, you don’t want the system to reboot in the middle of a session…


Thank you all so much …

Your comments are both helpful and reassuring. I appreciate it.

This. Being connected makes things waaaay easier.